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The speciality manufacturer of resin flooring solutions.

Xymertec develops and manufactures innovative, high performance resins and coatings for industrial, marine and flooring applications. We specialise in producing problem solving products, such as our Xymertol range, to time saving coatings that cure in 30 minutes to allow rapid job completion. 

Is this "the best self levelling epoxy screed in the world?"

Find out for yourself...

Is an unpigmented, two part modified polyurethurea concrete primer that in cold conditions is ready to re-coat in 60 minutes down to a temperature 0°c, thanks to the use of Cold Cure Technology.

Specially formulated, two part epoxy system that when mixed with its aggregate pack will provide a low viscosity compound which is easy to apply with simple equipment. And will cure in temperatures as low as 0°c, thanks to the use of Cold Cure Technology.


An unpigmented, low solvent, rapid cure modified polyurea coating that has a long pot life. It is easy to apply,  extremely abrasion resistent and available in a range colours.


Is a two-part, low solvent, epoxy primer that has been developed for application to cured concrete floors, tanks and structures where it will provide excellent adhesion together with good porosity and pin hole sealing properties. 

A two-part, low solvent, epoxy concrete primer that has a unique formulation that gives it the ability to mix with fresh wet concrete while still being resistant to diffusion of water through the uncured coating.

 Is a two-part, water miscible, epoxy primer that has a unique formulation that gives it the ability to be applied to damp substrates including concrete masonry, wood etc.


Latest Updates

Innovative new coating technology using waste carbon dioxide (CO2) combines sustainability and performance

Carbonamine – a unique coating made with new patented technology combining the durability of polyurea/polyaspartic with an ingredient made from waste carbon dioxide – is now available to manufacturers seeking to create cost-effective, solvent-free, environmentally friendly coating products.

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Buy our products online!

You can now purchase any of our products online at www.resinstore.com. This allows all our customers to place orders any day of the week, and at any time of day!

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