Colour Chart

We can produce any RAL and BS colour i any of our products in quantities over 100 litres, but there may be a charge for this service. The colours shown are reproduced and may very slightly from the actual colour supplied. Please ask for a paint sample if the colour is critical. 


RAL 1015

Light Ivory

RAL 6019

Pastel Green


18 E 50 Cirrus

RAL 7035

Light Grey

RAL 1001


RAL 6017

May Green


18 E 51 Mermaid

RAL 7040

Window Grey

RAL 1011

Brown Beige

RAL 6011

Reseda Green

RAL 5012

Light Blue

RAL 7037

Dusty Grey

RAL 1017

Saffron Yellow

RAL 6005

Moss Green


20 C 33 Porcelain

RAL 7011

Iron Grey

RAL 1023

Traffic Yellow

RAL 6027

Light Green

RAL 5014

Pigeon Blue

RAL 7043

Traffic Grey

RAL 1005

Honey Yellow

RAL 5018


RAL 5024

Pastel Blue

RAL 7021

Black Grey

RAL 3000

Flame Red

RAL 6033

Mint Turquoise

RAL 5005

Signal Blue

RAL 5019

Capri Blue

RAL 3011

Brown Red

RAL 6026

Opal Green


18 E 53 Cobalt Blue

RAL 5003

Sapphire Blue