A clear, scratch resistant polyaspartic coating for arduous conditions. Available in slow, medium and rapid cure speeds and in gloss, semi gloss and matt finishes. 

Enhance Crystalguard is a polyaspartic coating that is easy to apply and will cure rapidly to enable fast return to service.

Enhance Crystalguard contains additives that protect the substrate from ultra violet light. It cures to form a hard, but flexible, surface that is extremely durable and long lasting, even under heavy traffic.

Typical Uses: For sealing and protecting all types of decorative and wooden flooring against damage by heavy traffic, UV light, moisture etc.

Trago Mills


  • Perfect for high traffic areas as it will provide years of service 
  • Protects all types of substrates from scratches and abrasion
  • Available in three reactivities to suit all application conditions 
  • Available in gloss, semi gloss and matt finishes 
  • Easy to use, fast to apply and quick to cure.