Conseal MV is a specially formulated two part epoxy system that is available with aggregate packs to product either fine or coarse epoxy mortar. It produces an easy to spread mortar that is extremely strong and hard wearing. An additive is also available to allow formation of coving between floors and walls. 

Conseal MV can be applied to slopes and vertical applications. 

Conseal MV with fine aggregate is soft and easy to spread and has a fine closed texture. Conseal M with coarse aggregate is stiffer and produces a rougher surface. Both products are impermeable. 

Typical Uses: For application to concrete floors where most durable resin floor is required. It can be used on ramps and is excellent for repairing worn or damaged concrete steps and floors or for filling holes before the application of self levelling screed. 

Conseal Mortar


  • Tough and durable, suitable for the most arduous applications.
  • Provides a seamless non slip floor 
  • Available in a range of colours and natural self colour
  • Waterproof and easy to clean 
  • Excellent for new or for restoring old, damaged concrete floors
  • Easy to spread and apply 
  • Can be applied to slopes and vertical surfaces 
  • Good for foundations for heavy industrial equipment.