Armourguard PW

ARMOURGUARD PW has been developed for coating potable water tanks, fish tanks and water treatment systems. It is sufficiently flexible to cope with the expansion and contraction of steel tanks caused by extremes of temperature. Its resin and hardener components are formulated with materials that are approved for contact with potable water. ARMOURGUARD PW’s superb barrier properties prevent oxygen and moisture reaching the surface of the substrate.

ARMOURGUARD PW is a two-part, solvent free epoxy coating containing 70% of solid ceramic micro-spheres. The cured coating contains the maximum possible amount of ceramic micro-spheres, which forms a flexible composite coating with far superior adhesion, abrasion and corrosion resistance than normal epoxy coatings.

ARMOURGUARD PW is virtually impervious to water, water vapour and oxygen. ARMOURGUARD PW also contains a carefully selected blend of additives to enhance adhesion to existing coatings.

Armourguard tank paint


  • Non toxic, safe to use in potable water and fish tanks
  • Excellent adhesion to the substrate
  • Virtually impervious to moisture vapour
  • Ceramic content makes it resistant to
    erosion and abrasion.
  • Can be applied directly to clean, abraded GRP, existing coatings and bitumen.
  • Totally solvent free