Aston Martin

Conseal Ceramic Epoxy coating was specified by Aston Martin for application to their factory floor because they required the additional durability offered by ceramic filled coating. 

This product was applied by Surt Resin Finished Limited. 

Conseal Ceramic at Aston Martin
Conseal Self Leveller at Dove Foods

Dove Foods

Conseal Self Leveller was applied to Dove Foods new flour mill floor by Duraflake Limited. 

Conseal Self Leveller was specified because it provides a seamless floor without crevices for flour mites to inhabit. It is east to clean and provides an attractive surface. 

The finish was so good that the planned top coat did not need to be applied.

Trago Mills

Enhance Crystalguard was used at Trago Mills in one of their brand new stores. The product was chosen to give the floor a clear, scratch resistant top coat. 

Polyaspartic top coat