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Floor Primers

Primers are an essential first step for any flooring system to ensure a high quality finish.  At Xymertec we produce a variety of primers to meet the need of any project you may have. 

Conseal Prime

An unpigmented, low solvent, two part polyurethane/ urea concrete primer that in cold conditions is ready to re-coat in 40 minutes down to a temperature 0°c, thanks to the use of Cold Cure Technology.

Conseal Prime Floor Primers

The primer for time critical projects on existing concrete floors. Xymertol Rapid Prime is a two part polyurethan/urea concrete primer that is ready to re-coat in 40-60 minutes thanks to the use of Advanced Cure Technology.

Conseal Dry

A two-part, low solvent, epoxy primer that has been developed for application to cured concrete floors, tanks and structures where it will provide excellent adhesion together with good porosity and pin hole sealing properties. 

Conseal Wet

A two part, totally solvent free, ceramic filled epoxy floor coating. It has exceptional wear and abrasion resistance and is suitable for use in high wear areas and in situations where the use of solvent containing paints may be a problem. It has excellent opacity and covering power, is resistant to oil, petrol, diesel fuel, most chemicals and has good resistance to sunlight.

Conseal Prime

A two-part, low solvent, epoxy concrete primer that has a unique formulation that gives it the ability to mix with freshet concrete while still being resistant to diffusion of water through the uncured coating. This attribute enables CONSEAL GREENCRETE to seal moisture into green concrete so that it is able to react with the cement causing it to fully cure, even outdoors, in hot, dry conditions.

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