CONSEAL SELF LEVELLING is a specially formulated, two part epoxy system that when mixed with its aggregate pack will provide a low viscosity compound which is easy to apply with simple equipment. It will produce a perfect, seamless floor that is completely free from air bubbles and other defects (provided that the floor has been primed and the product laid according to the instructions).

CONSEAL SL contains a unique blend of additives that rapidly and completely remove all entrained air that often spoil the surface of similar systems. Large areas can be quickly finished to produce an attractive, durable floor that is easy to clean.

CONSEAL SL is available pigmented in a range of standard colours. Custom colours can be produced in quantities over 200kgs.

CONSEAL SL is extremely easy to use. It only requires mixing and spreading approximately level over the prepared substrate with a pin rake, squeegee or plastering trowel. A spiked roller can be used to help spread the resin evenly. Trowel marks and minor undulations will quickly flow out to leave a smooth level surface.

Conseal Self Leveller

Type: Two part epoxy system

Mix Ratio: See label on tin

Hardener: Xyamin 220

Resin Density: 


Minimum over-coating time: 

Maximum over-coating time: 

Pack Sizes: 5 and 25 kilos

Shelf life and Storage: 12-18 months in original, unopened container. Store in cool and dry conditions 

Preparation:  It is essential to prime the prepared surface with an epoxy concrete primer. its purpose is to seal any porosity in the concrete and thus prevent escaping air rising through the Conseal SL as it sets and thus spoiling its surface. When the primer has cured, inspect it to ensure that all porosity has been sealed. Pour quality concrete coat of primer worked into the surface as it is applied. 

Mixing: Can be mixed in a bucket with a plaster mixer or with powered mixers. Pour all of the hardener into the tub of resin and mix for several minutes. Pour the mixed resin into a larger container and mix again to ensure that the resin and hardener have been thoroughly mixed. Failure to mix the components as instructed may cause the material no to cure properly. Continue mixing and slowly add the aggregate. Continue mixing util a smooth homogeneous texture is achieve.

Application: The temperature of the material and substrate must be at least 10°c. Application at lower temperatures will be difficult due to the higher viscosity of the resin. Pour the mixed material onto the prepared floor and spread to the required depth with a pin rake, squeegee or with a trowel. A spiked roller can be used to even out irregularities. Minor trowel marks will soon disappear and Conseal SL will flow to a smooth, shiny finish. At lower temperatures air bubbles that rise to the surface can be a problem because the higher viscosity of the resin prevents them from bursting they can be removed with a spiked roller or by passing a hot air gun quickly over the surface.  



  • Provides a smooth, defect free seamless floor 
  • Waterproof and easy to clean 
  • Excellent for new or for restoring old, damaged concrete floors 
  • Easy to lay
  • Durable, tough and hard wearing 
  • Choice of non lip finishes available for wet areas
  • Available in standard and custom colours 
  • Hygienic option available to kill MRSA E-Coli etc 
  • Acid resistant and anti-static grades also available