Cold Storage Facilities

As a specialist flooring manufacturer, we understand the difficulties and challenges many may come across in the Cold Storage Facilities industry.

Flooring for cold storage facilities such as large walk-in freezers, dairies, laboratories, grocery stores, and certain factory storerooms face a whole host of unique challenges. Flooring in these areas must be able to withstand cold or freezing temperatures, be easy to clean and be able to handle movement of heavy machinery. Many traditional flooring solutions cannot withhold the unique challenges cold storage facilities face, causing cracks and becoming severely damaged.

Polyurethane / uera concrete primers and epoxy systems provide the best solution for cold storage facilities. However, standard installations can not cure properly in cold environments. Typically forcing the contents of the facilities to be removed and the area to be warmed up, causing operations to shut down. This method is not only time consuming, but can also cause thousands of pounds worth of damaged goods.  

That is why we have developed our Carbonamine Rapid Cold Cure range, which will cure in temperatures as low as 0°c thanks to the use of Advanced Cold Cure Technology. Allowing operations to carry on as normal, thus saving time and money.  


Recommended Products


  • Rapid cure
  • Cold Cure
  • Long pot life
  • Easy to clean
  • Hygienic 
  • Hard wearing
  • Compatible