Enhance Clearbond is a clear epoxy resin system that has been designed to allow the applicator to mix selected pearlescent pigments on site.

This attribute allows applicators complete freedom to use their artistic talent without the requirement to purchase separate coloured resins.

Enhance Clearbond is available in two grades both of which contain effective UV protection additives.

Enhance Clearbond LV is a low viscosity epoxy resin that will not prevent orientation of metallic pigments. It is perfect of producing decorative floors with two or more pigments that have been allowed to flow together. 

Enhance Clearbond Thixo is a thixotropic grade that will prevent pigment orientation and thus retain the decorative effect of single pigment systems.

Enhance Clearbond resin is separately mixed with the chosen pigments. The base colour is applied to the floor first and spread evenly. The second colour is then applied in streams over the first application and blended into the first with a roller, a rubber blade or with a squeegee. The pictures on the right show the type of effects that are easily achievable. 

Enhance Clearbond should be over-coated with Enhance Crystalguard which is a clear polyaspartic coating that has excellent abrasion and UV resistance. Small sample kits of resin, hardener and a selection of metallic pigments are available for experimentation and testing. 

Xymerterc Marble Effect

Type:  UV stabalised epoxy resin 

Mix Ratio: See label on tin


Resin Density: 


Minimum over-coating time: 20 minutes 

Maximum over-coating time: 48 hours 


Colours: Clear 

Pack Sizes: 1, 2.5, 5 and 10 litres

Shelf life and Storage: 6-12 months in original, unopened container. Store in cool and dry conditions

Preparation:  Concrete substrates should preferably be diamond ground or blasted but if this is not possible the surface must be clean and free of loose material, laitance, oil, grease etc.

Mixing: Add all of the hardener to the pigmented resin and mix for several minutes with a flat blade paddle mixer in an electric drill. Use a low speed and take care to avoid entraining air into the resin. We recommend that you transfer the resin into a clean bucket and mix again, this technique will ensure that there is no unmixed product in the corners of the mixing vessel. The importance of thorough mixing cannot be overstated as poorly mixed product will never cure and the floor will be spoilt by soft and sticky patched.

Application: When you are satisfied that the undercoat or self levelling is defect free and is perfectly clean mix the resin and pour it over an area of floor that you calculate it should cover, spread it with a squeegee and roll it to an even coat with a washed, fluff free roller. Apply the second colour using your preferred technique

Over-coating: Enhance Clearbond can be overcoated with virtually all other types of coating as soon as it can be walked on which is 20-30 minutes in most conditions. However, we recommend adding two coats of Enhance Crystalguard to enhance the underlying system. 


  • Easy to apply 
  • Available in any RAL or BS colour
  • Hygienic
  • Durable