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Decorative Flooring Products

Our Decorative Flooring range consists of high quality, vibrant epoxy resins and coatings designed to bring an attractive fresh feel to a variety of commercial, domestic and industrial environments. 

A wide variety of decorative effects can be achieved with our resins and coatings. Some are simple and easy to install, while others require a degree of artistic talent to achieve unique results. If you have not previously used our resins for this purpose. We recommend that you experiment with small amounts of product to gain experience and develop your ideas. All will need to be applied to a smooth, sound substrate coating of a suitable colour. 

Use our Decorative Selection Guide to help you decided which products you need for your latest decorative project. 

Red yellow pearlescent

A clear, UV stabilised epoxy resin and hardener that contains a unique blend of additives which produce a perfectly smooth defect free surface. It is available in fluid and thixotropic versions to enable a variety of effects to be achieved, including Marble and Flake. Perfect for any decorative flooring system. 

Trago Mills 2

A clear, scratch resistant polyaspartic coating for arduous conditions. Available in slow, medium and rapid cure speeds and in gloss, semi gloss and matt finishes. The perfect top coat for any decorative flooring system. 

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