Armourguard ST

Surface tolerant epoxy-ceramic metal primer & coating with cutting edge polymer technology; perfect for water tanks, fish tanks and water treatment systems. 

ARMOURGUARD ST is a recently developed two part epoxy-ceramic metal primer and coating that contains a functional liquid rubber that forms minute spherical droplets within the epoxy binder. After application the rubber reacts with the epoxy hardener rendering the coatin flexible and impact resistant. The rubber increases adhesion of the coating to the substrate, decreases permeability but surprisingly, does not decrease hardness or abrasion resistance.

ARMOURGUARD ST also contains a carefully selected package of corrosion inhibitors that inhibit the formation of rust beneath the coating.

ARMOURGUARD ST is a two part, low solvent epoxy-ceramic coating that contains 70% of solid ceramic micro-spheres and anti-corrosion additives that passivate the metal surface thus preventing corrosion. 

ARMOURGUARD ST is virtually impervious to water, water vapour and oxygen. Its unique formulation eliminates the requirement for separate primers and undercoats because ARMOURGUARD ST’s superb barrier properties prevent oxygen and moisture reaching the substrate.

Armourguard tank paint


  • Excellent adhesion to metallic surfaces
  • Excellent barrier properties prevent corrosion
  • Tremendous abrasion resistance
  • Surface tolerant & can be applied to damp substrates