A two-part, low solvent, epoxy concrete primer that has a unique formulation that gives it the ability to mix with fresh wet concrete while still being resistant to diffusion of water through the uncured coating. This attribute enables Conseal Greencrete to seal moisture into green concrete so that it is able to react with the cement causing it to fully cure, even outdoors, in hot, dry conditions.

When Conseal Greencrete and the cement in the concrete substrate cure, they chemically react together ensuring that the Conseal Greencrete is permanently bonded to the concrete. The cured surface is far harder and more durable than concrete treated with conventional coatings in the usual way. When applied to new concrete immediately after laying Conseal Greencrete also eliminates all floor preparation work and enables rapid job completion.

Conseal Greencrete can be applied to screeded or power floated concrete as soon as it can be walked on, but it must be applied within 8 hours of casting to ensure that Conseal Greencrete and the cement react together. If the concrete is allowed to cure for a longer period before coating a surface laitance may develop which can prevent adhesion of the primer. 

Typical Uses: As a concrete primer for any application, to ensure best adhesion and surface preparation for any subsequent coatings.

Conseal Prime

Type: Low solvent epoxy coating

Mix Ratio: See label on tin

Hardener: Xyanco 1055

Resin Density: 1.36kg/litre

Coverage: 6-8 m2/litre, depending on surface texture and porosity 

Minimum over-coating time: 5 hours

Maximum over-coating time: 2 days  

Solvent: Xysol EP (max 5% by weight) if required. Xysol safe for cleaning

Colours: Grey

Pack Sizes: 1, 2.5, and 5 litres

Shelf life and Storage: 2 -18 months in original, unopened container. Store in cool and dry conditions 

Preparation: Fresh concrete requires no preparation but surface water must be allowed to evaporate before application. Epoxy coatings should not be applied below 7°C as very low temperatures will prevent full cure.

Mixing: Conseal Greencrete resin should be pre-mixed in the tin before the hardener is added. Add all of the hardener to the tin of resin and mix thoroughly with an electric mixer. Transfer all of the contents into a clean bucket and mix for another 2-3 minutes. When mixed, the resin and hardener will start to react, generating heat which will accelerate the reaction. The greater the mass of epoxy, the more heat will be generated and the shorter the pot life. To prolong pot life pour the resin into shallow trays or onto the floor. If you require a smaller quantity or are unable to use all of the material within its pot life, weigh out resin and hardener in the proportions specified on the label using digital scales.

Application: Should be applied liberally by brush, roller or spray. If Conseal Greencrete is applied by brush or roller the concrete must be allowed to cure sufficiently to resist the agitation of the concrete caused by the application tools. Squeegees should not be used. The coverage of Conseal Greencrete will vary depending on the porosity of the concrete.

Over-coating: Conseal Greencrete can be over-coated as soon as it is touch dry as shown in the table overleaf according to the ambient temperature. If it is allowed to cure beyond the maximum over-coating time, glossy areas must be abraded before any further coatings are applied. If floor coverings such as vinyl tiles are to be laid it is advisable to apply one coat of Conseal Greencrete and one coat of Conseal Dry to ensure complete coverage. The floor covering can be laid immediately once the second coat of Conseal Greencrete has hardened. Alternatively, if a hard wearing epoxy finish is required, apply two coats of Conseal Ceramic or Conseal Utility


  • Can be applied to fresh wet concrete within a few hours of pouring
  • Eliminates all surface preparation of new concrete
  • Promotes full cure of the concrete in hot conditions by eliminating water loss
  • Prevents dusting of the concrete surface caused by drying out
  • Easy to use and fast to apply
  • Quick cure allows fast over-coating and finishing of floors
  • Allows moisture sensitive polyurethane coatings to be applied within 24 hours of pouring
  • Excellent adhesion to fresh uncured concrete
  • Provides superior adhesion for finishing systems.