Conseal Wet is a two-part, water miscible, epoxy primer that has a unique formulation that gives it the ability to be applied to damp substrates including concrete masonry, wood etc.

Conseal Wet can be used on any application where rapid completion of work is required on damp substrates or in any situation where it would be difficult or impossible to dry the substrate. Examples are fresh and waste water tanks, cisterns, and prior to the application of waterproofing systems. Any moisture on the surface of the substrate will react with the coating during the curing process and will become part of it. When cured the coating will be permanently bonded to the substrate.

Conseal Wet 2


  • Can be applied to wet substrates e.g. concrete, masonry etc.
  • Eliminates delays waiting for the
    substrate to dry.
  • Eliminates adhesion problems caused by damp substrates.
  • Easy to use and fast to apply.
  •  Provides superior adhesion for finishing and waterproofing