Protective Coatings

Armourguard is a collection of protective coatings developed for priming and coating potable water tanks, fish tanks and water treatment systems. 


Armourguard tank paint

This product has been developed for coating potable water tanks, fish tanks and water treatment systems. It is sufficiently flexible to cope with the expansion and contraction of steel tanks caused by extremes of temperature. Its resin and hardener components are formulated with materials that are approved for contact with potable water. ARMOURGUARD PW’s superb barrier properties prevent oxygen and moisture reaching the surface of the substrate.

Armourguard tank paint

This is a recently developed two part epoxy-ceramic metal primer and coating that contains a functional liquid rubber that forms minute spherical droplets within the epoxy binder. After application the rubber reacts with the epoxy hardener rendering the coating flexible and impact resistant.

This is a low viscosity, solvent free epoxy wood primer which penetrates into timber saturating it before curing. It’s primary use is as a primer under other coatings but it can also be used for the restoration of old timber by the resin impregnation technique, or in new construction as a pre-treatment for epoxy glued joints. 

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