Conseal Ceramic LT is a winter grade, two part, totally solvent free, ceramic filled epoxy floor coating that has enhanced resistance to carbamation and water spotting. It has low viscosity to aid application in cold weather.

Conseal Ceramic LT also has all of the attributes of the standard product including exceptional wear and abrasion resistance. It is suitable for use in high wear areas and in situations where the use of solvent containing paints may be a problem. It has excellent opacity and covering power, is resistant to oil, petrol, diesel fuel, most chemicals and has good resistance to sunlight.

Conseal Ceramic LT is very easy to mix and apply and little skill is required to produce a good job, provided the mixing and application instructions are followed. For best results we recommend applying two coats. For wet areas or where maximum slip resistance is required, we have a selection of non-slip additives that can be added to the coating to produce a variety of textures. 

Typical Uses: As a long lasting, hard wearing floor paint for industrial and domestic application.

Conseal Ceramic at Aston Martin


  • Guaranteed not to water spot in cold and damp conditions.
  • Low viscosity aids application in winter
  • Long lasting, ceramic content makes
  • CONSEAL CERAMIC hard wearing and eliminates frequent recoating.
  • Economical, saves time and money.
  • Virtually odour free
  • Excellent adhesion to properly prepared substrates.
  • Anti static and acid
    resistant grades are
    also available