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Introducing Xymertol Rapid Cold Cure Primer

Since lockdown began we have been perfecting our latest product Xymertol Rapid Cold Cure Primer. Which is an unpigmented, low solvent, two part polyurethane/ urea concrete primer that in cold conditions is ready to re-coat in 40 minutes down to a temperature of 0°c, thanks to the use of Cold Cure Technology. 

Xymertol Rapid Cold Cure Primer has a long pot life but when applied is quickly cured by the action of atmospheric moisture. Xymertol Prime will quickly develop a bond to concrete that is stronger than the concrete itself. 

This brand new Rapid Cold Cure Primer is used for priming and sealing porosity in concrete, masonry and other non metallic substrates before coating with polyurea spray, polyurethane or epoxy coatings, mortars or screeds.

Advantages of Xymertol Rapid Cod Cure:

  • Rapid Cure: Can usually be over-coated in 20 minutes
  • Cold Cure: Will cure in temperatures as low as 0°c, with our unique Cold Cure Technology
  • High Tensile Strength: Rapidly develops an expectational bond to dry and slightly damp substrates 
  • Easy to Apply: Is easy to use and apply 
  • Long Pot Life: After mixing gives you ample of time for application
  • Compatible: Can be over-coated with most other coatings including epoxy, polyurea, polyurethane, polyaspartic etc. 
Take a look at the full product details here. If you’d like a sample, or need a quote for your latest project give usa call on 01885483124.